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About the PN to RN Transition Course:

Course description:
The PN to RN Transition Course is designed to validate prior learning and update and enhance nursing knowledge. The course facilitates transition from the role of Practical Nurse to that of a student preparing for the role of Registered Nurse. The nursing process is used as the framework for critical thinking and problem solving.

Credit Awarded:
The workload of the course is comparable to a 3-credit course. Upon successful completion of the course and admission to one of the participating ADN (RN) nursing programs, the student will be granted a minimum of 12 credits.

Learner Outcomes:
At the completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Differentiate role changes necessary to transition from Practical Nurse to a student in an RN program.
  • Define the scope of practice for the RN.
  • Use therapeutic communication techniques.
  • Describe the RN responsibility in the interpretation of data acquired from assessment.
  • Establish personal goals for success as a student in an RN program incorporating concepts of time management, values clarification and critical thinking.
  • Use clinical decision-making to identify client needs.
  • Use the nursing process to develop a comprehensive (multi-disciplinary) plan of care.
  • Develop a teaching-learning plan for selected clients.
  • Use group process to promote collaboration with members of the health care team.

Teaching methods:
A variety of instructional modalities that support self
directed learning are used.

Content areas:

  • Professional behaviors
  • Communications
  • Assessment
  • Clinical Decision Making
  • Caring interventions
  • Teaching-Learning
  • Collaboration
  • Managing Care

Evaluation criteria and grading

  • The student must achieve a grade of ‘satisfactory’ on all four required projects. Students have one opportunity to revise and resubmit an unsatisfactory project.
  • Four required projects:
    • Nursing care plan
    • Teaching/learning plan
    • Process recording
    • Role transition paper
A grading rubric is used for each project. This allows students to know in advance what the criteria are for satisfactory completion of each assignment.
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